Pomadorro Antifraud Tool

    Pomadorro Antifraud Tool: Say «No» to Cheating Online

    As the web technologies go on developing, the new category of financial crimes also appears - it’s online fraud. These robbers are using various methods to provide illegal transactions with «shell» credit cards in order to cash the electronic funds afterward.

    And the casino area where a huge amount of money is flowing is attracting the attention of scammers so much. And in order to fight against this problem, Pomadorro Antifraud Tool is developed. It can help to minimize the crime rate on our website.

    Working with the largest electronic providers of online payments, we do everything to provide the clients with an opportunity to make safe transactions via plastic cards of any kind. Pomadorro Antifraud Tool is based on the positive experience of database safety, so we can call it one of the leading methods to provide safety today.

    As for the features the system possesses, they are definitely making it a compatible tool:

    • diverse verification of the potential and even regular customers that is constantly repeated to update information about the customer’s IP, device and server;
    • verification of the left while registration mobile;
    • analysis and monitoring of casino games;
    • over 100 filters that make up the antifraud system that is applied to identify the customer, including the examination of the blacklist, analysis of the current deposit and the payment archive;
    • the last step of the client’s verification is carried out by the specialists of the risk department during the withdrawal process.

    We can guarantee that at our online casino you won’t become a victim of scam operation of any kind and will effortlessly withdraw all the funds you’ve earned on playing.