Roulette Live - рулетка с живым крупье!

    Live Roulette at Joycasino is an original roulette for those who want to try out the unusual kinds of this game instead of the online type. As for the specificities of the software, we can highlight the fact that the game is played with a dealer that can make this gaming experience unforgettable. The companion of the player is a pleasant lady that touches the ball with her gentle fingers, launches the wheel.

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    General Information

    On the site, you can play many games for free, so this online casino can offer demo modes of all slots. But this option is not available when it comes to Live dealers. The first step of the player is to select a dealer and the table where the following game will take place. Besides the appearance, you can see the statistics of each dealer: how many games have been held, information about the table, the range of bets. After you have selected the dealer, get to playing online.

    Play This Game Online

    In order to start playing Live Roulette at Joycasino, you should learn the rules first. The program is working according to the standard principles of the European Roulette. They are:

    • the wheel has only one «zero» section;
    • there is an extra track;
    • odd and even fields differ;
    • the sections are black and red;
    • the bets can be placed on 1-18 or 19-36 numbers, on dozens and columns as well.

    At Joycasino, users can see not only the gaming field, but also additional information about the statistics of the recent winnings and their stakes. Besides, all the last numbers are also marked. This information can be found in the corner on the left, while on the right, you can find facts about the dealer, including the girl’s name, the date of birth, even the zodiac sign. It will make the game more interesting and transparent.

    The Gameplay

    You can seamlessly play for money at this online casino, so the rules aren’t different from the classic ones of the European Roulette. You should place one or several bets on certain sections of the wheel, then the dealer will throw a small white ball. As soon as the ball isn’t spinning and stops at one of the sections, the dealer announces the results about the winning sector.

    Then the player has 30 seconds in order to place new bets. And if it doesn’t take place, an empty wheel is launched in order to provide detailed information about the game. Then you can see the statistics to learn the facts about the previous winnings, and find the most effective strategy.

    Many users also state that it’s much more interesting to play with the croupier than with the random number generator. This option allows users to see every movement of the ball, and it excludes the possibility of the dishonest game. While the most pleasant bonus of this game is a nice appearance of each dealer that represents this software.