Responsible Gaming

    Responsibilities of Joycasino Towards Players

    Joycasino belongs to the platforms that provide honest and responsible gaming that is a part of working with clients’ policy. Our duty and professional responsibility is to let our customers enjoy the game completely and let them understand that gambling addiction can cause financial and social damage if not to maintain control.

    Control of the Game

    In fact, gambling is, first of all, mental entertainment, an opportunity to spend time with excitement, while earning money is not in the forefront. If you can deal with it like with an interesting pastime, spending minimum time and money on it, the game won’t influence your financial situation negatively. If you accept it, then you are a player who is ready to get registered on the gambling platform. Unfortunately, not all players follow this conception. So we remind one more time that you should control the game, avoiding situations when the game controls you.

    You can prevent negative consequences by following these recommendations:

    • don’t treat the game as a mean of earning, but as one of the kinds of entertainment, so don’t lose too much free time on it;
    • accept defeat calmly and don’t try to win your stakes back at all costs, so you can go on playing and win next time;
    • start playing only when you are sure that your income can cover the losses incurred;
    • control time and money you spend on playing by setting yourself a certain limit and don’t go over it;
    • if you need a break to have a rest from gambling, we are ready to block your account: just make a request in order to use the self-exclusion feature;
    • if you need to talk to the psychologist about the problems caused by gambling addiction, contact the organizations listed below.

    Gambling Addiction and Its Signs

    If you think that gambling can influence negatively you or your relatives, ask yourself a number of questions that can help to find out whether you have gambling addiction or can control yourself.

    1. Do you prefer casino games to the detriment of your studies or job?
    2. Is gambling a kind of hobby when you don’t know what else to do?
    3. Do you like playing for hours while being alone?
    4. Have you faced critical remarks as to your problems with gambling?
    5. Do you continue to follow with interest your previous hobby and spending time with friends or you prefer gambling to these activities?
    6. Have you ever lied to hide the truth about the sums of your stakes or spent at the casinos time?
    7. Have you owed money for playing: borrowing from your friends, taking out a loan, telling a lie to relatives, committing petty theft, selling things to get the money?
    8. Do you spend the money you win for playing again?
    9. Do you play until you run out of money?
    10. Do you try to win your funds back as quickly as possible?
    11. Do you feel deep frustration when the money on your account is over and you don’t have a chance to make even the minimum deposit?
    12. Are there any situations that can force you to start playing?
    13. Is your depression state growing stronger or even leads to the thoughts of suicide when you lose?

    Each «yes» answer is increasing the chance that you have faced gambling addiction. You can always get in touch with the specialists who are ready to provide high-quality support and help. In order to do that, contact the organizations we offer on this page.

    A Break from Casino Games

    Sometimes it happens when an often playing person needs a small break. You can use the self-exclusion feature then by getting in touch with the support. The activation of this feature means that your account will be blocked for at least 90 days. It will be impossible to unblock it during this period. If this step seems to be too serious, try to «freeze» your account for a week at first by sending a request to our support.

    But this idea will do only if you use the self-exclusion option on the other platforms where you have an account as well. If you don’t, there is no sense in this plan. In order to make the result more efficient, install one of the programs to block access to online casinos (such as CyberPatrol or Net Nanny).

    Organizations That Provide Help to Gamblers

    There are many public organizations that try to help people who suffer from gambling addiction. Besides, the purpose of these associations is to prevent this problem from being spread, so each day more and more gambling platforms appear, while it’s much easier to get access to them. As for the leaders of this area, they are the following:

    • GamCare, one of the largest and most reputable organizations of Britain where you can get a piece of advice, consultation or help while solving the problems that are connected with gambling (the official site is, the contact number - 0845 6000 133);
    • Gambling Therapy is helping those who have already suffered from casino games. The group members are working in Britain and in different countries in Europe. You can get information support via the site;
    • Gamblers Anonymous, the public organization that is established on a voluntary basis. Its members solve their own problems and want to help other players to struggle with this kind of addiction. This organization has loads of branches that are located in different parts of the world. You can learn more about the organization and its services by visiting the official website -

    The Casino’s Policy and Gamblers Under 18

    According to the rules, registration on the site, making a deposit, and even playing, in general, are prohibited to users under 18. Joycasino is strictly controlling this condition by verifying the age of players when they get registered.

    Besides, the administration can conduct dawn raids in order to check the age of players who are making deposits via the methods that accept doing that to customers of any age. If the player is under the age of 18 or will be caught cheating, the winnings of this user will be confiscated, while the account will be blocked forever.

    Filtration of Players

    The filters we use can come in handy for parents who can apply them in order to block access to gambling sites for under-aged children. If you are sharing your PC with family members or friends who are under the legal age, or if your relatives ask to block the sites of this kind, consider all the available options to use parental control or filtration features.